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  • Basil Starter Pack

    Basil is the king of all herbs! Packed with vitamin A, C, and antioxidants, the aromatic flavours pair well with almost anything. Garnish your pizza, pasta, salads, teas, and cocktails, or make fresh pesto. This pack combines 4 varieties of basil with vibrant colors to give you flavor and versatility.

    • Pre-seeded and nutrient-loaded
    • 100% germination guarantee
    • No herbicides, no pesticides
    • Compatible with all AVA Smart Garden


  • How fast do the plants grow?
    Because the plants get consistent lighting, watering, and nutrients in our system, they can grow faster than traditional gardens. The AVA Byte also has sensors to tell you about the external environment so make sure to connect it to the app to see what your AVA Byte is telling you! This will help you keep your plants happy and healthy!

    Do I have to replace the pods?

    We recommend that you replenish your pods on average at least once every 2 months. This is because the more you cut and consume your plants, the more stressed a plant can become. When stressed, plants will start to produce more bitter flavours or naturally die off. Anything longer than 2 months, herbs and greens start to reduce flavour and grow thicker stalks. You can yield a large quantity (e.g. a salad a week, herbs to garnish every day) if you are consistently planting! You also have the option to transplant what you are growing. Our app provides details about the best way to do this.

    What does 100% Germination Guarantee mean?

    We are confident that all of our pre-seeded pods will germinate. If however, they do not germinate, all you need to do is contact our customer support team and we will send you a replacement pack for free. Our guarantee does not apply to Grow Your Own pod packs. While it’s likely that your seeds will grow in our pods, we cannot guarantee desired results.



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