10 Reasons the AVA Byte is the World’s Smartest Indoor Garden

10 Reasons the AVA Byte is the World’s Smartest Indoor Garden

10 Reasons the AVA Byte is the World’s Smartest Indoor Garden

FEBRUARY 26, 2020


Well, the AVA Byte Smart Garden was built to solve exactly that! The AVA Byte, is the "Nespresso for gardening" - a smart indoor garden to empower apartment-dwellers to grow delicious, organic food right at home, all year round, faster than soil. We have re-invented the idea of indoor growing for those living in urban spaces who want organic, fresh homegrown greens and herbs. It’s so easy.  It even lightens your grocery store bag!


1. All Season Growing

The AVA Byte solves the problem of unpredictable weather and seasonal growth. The AVA Byte Smart Garden creates a controlled environment of light, water, and nutrients making it possible to grow throughout the winter. Our smart garden is the only one on the market with this type of integrated AI software that provides specific and targeted growing environments for each plant.`

2. Nutrient-Packed Pods

Our pods release nutrients that are synced into the plant's life cycle. When the plant is watered, nutrients are released into the roots of the plants to help them grow

3. Specialized Growth Recipes

Each plant in the pod packs is specifically chosen to help each other grow more effectively. Not only do they encourage a strong growth cycle but they aid each other in resistance to pests.

4. Voice Activation

The AVA Byte Smart Garden is integrated with Amazon Alex and Google Home, first of its kind! You can have regular updates, notifications and reorder new pods all done through voice-activated instructions. You can ask Alexa a multitude of questions to inquire on your plants growing journey.

5. Follow Along With Your App

Everything is controlled using our App. The app provides push notifications to help you along with the growing process cycle. You will be notified when to remove the domes, add water, prune and most importantly when the greens are ready to harvest.

6. Built-in HD Camera

The AVA Byte Smart Garden has its very own Time Lapse Camera, so you can watch your plants grow. Pictures will upload onto the app and you will have it all recorded.

7. Organic Seeds

We use organic, transparent nutrients that are loaded into our pre-seeded pods. Take your pods out of your pod pack and place into the white pod holder and start growing.

8. Eco-Friendly

Our packaging is recyclable and our pod packs biodegradable.

9. User Friendly Design

We have put time and effort into bringing you the most aesthetically beautiful and easy to use garden that can be a centre piece for any room.

10. Self-Growing

Going on vacation? No problem! Remotely monitor your AVA Byte through the AVA App! The reservoir will let you know when it needs to be filled up and does not need to be refilled for 3-4 weeks. You will be able to come home to fresh herbs and start cooking immediately.

Our AVA Byte Smart Garden technology offers faster, healthier and the highest success growth rate.  This urban agricultural experience, integrated AI software, and the sleek design make the AVA Byte unique of its kind. 

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