14 Must Do Activities While You're Inside for COVID-19

14 Must Do Activities While You're Inside for COVID-19

14 Must Do Activities While You're Inside for COVID-19

MAY 26, 2020

As we all stay at home, self-quarantining to help flatten the curve and spread of COVID-19, it can lead all of us to feel a little stir crazy, isolated or just bored. What do we do with all this time stuck inside? Work has moved home, schools have been canceled, concerts postponed, sports are off, tourism is shut down and restaurants are closing. This global pandemic is devastating and we must all do our part by staying inside.

Being quarantined can be seen as an opportunity to find a new hobby, learn a new skill, keep up a social life and get some spring cleaning done. Here’s a list of 14 activities to tick off your list while at home for the next few weeks!

1. Start Growing Your Own Smart Garden:

If you have space or a couple of plant pots lying around, try to plant some herbs and greens. Or if that’s too much work, you don’t have space to or you’re just a plant killer, try the AVA Byte Smart Garden. With perfectly curated, flavourful pod packs you can’t go wrong.


2. Try a New Recipe:

Now is the time to try that recipe you’ve been holding off because it takes too much time or you get tired after work. Maybe it’s a vegetarian dish or a cheesecake or even making your own sourdough. Trying a new challenging recipe will definitely keep you entertained. There is great satisfaction and confidence to be gained by challenging yourself.


3. Give Some TLC to Your Houseplants:

Spend some time with your houseplants, check up on them. Do they need to be moved, soil change, fertilizer or water? Maybe it’s time to get rid of those plants that are dying in the corner of a room or revive a plant with a bit more attention. Make at home plant food recipe with 1 tsp. of baking soda, 1 tbsp. of Epsom salt and 1/2 tsp. of ammonia in a gallon of water. 


4. Watch a Live Stream:

Many musicians are doing pay-by-donation or free live-stream concerts. Not only will you get an hour of beautiful live music from the comfort of your home, but it’s a great way to support smaller local artists. 


5. Do an At-Home Workout or Yoga Class:

Similar to musicians, many yoga studios and workout classes have started uploading live stream classes. A great way to break-up your workday, to move and get your blood pumping, as well as make you feel better.


6. Deep Clean Those Kitchen Appliances

Emptying that toaster, cleaning out your coffee maker, scrubbing your microwave, getting into the crevasses of the stove and cleaning out the back of your fridge.  With a bit of extra time you can give a nice sparkling clean to your kitchen and the spots you often overlook. 


7. Spring Cleaning Each Room In Your House

Take a note out of Marie Kondo and minimize your life by getting rid of items that don’t hold joy. Make a pile of things to toss out, donate or sell. Go through your closet, your pantry, fridge (throw out expired food), your basement, garage and all living spaces. Dedicate an hour every other day to a different room in your house.


8. Read a New Book:

Finally, you gain some time so take time away from electronics with all that COVID-19 buzz. Put your phone down, turn off your electronics and get yourself lost in a book. Download something new on your kindle or plug-in an audiobook while you’re doing chores around your house.


9. Learn a New Skill or Practice an Old One:

Maybe you pick up that instrument that’s been collecting dust in your basement or maybe you build something new, getting back into crafts, painting, crotchet, knitting, origami, jewelry making, soap carving, making videos or even juggling!


10. Have a Mid-Day Dance Party:

Put your headphones on, find a good space and just jam out. Get your body moving. If you are looking for something more serious watch some Youtube or Tik Tok videos and learn a dance routine with a friend or family member even if you are in different places.


11. Complete a Puzzle:

Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind activated and occupied away from all the chaos in the world. Start small and work your way up to more difficult ones that will keep you busy for a couple of days.  If puzzles aren’t for you but you still want to have a hands-on problem solving, try a Rubix cube.


12. Play Some Board Games:

Get together with your family or roommate and have a games night.  Pick a game that can be played all day or left to pick up again the next day, like Catan, Monopoly, De, Pandemic, Risk or Dungeons & Dragons. Or some quicker games like Exploding Kitten, Sushi go, Scrabble, Coup, Jenga, Dutch Blitz or Code Names.


13. Video Call Your Friends:

Just because we are social-isolating does not mean you can’t spend time with your friends. Spend some time and organize Facetime, Skype, Zoom dates with your pals. Even download apps online to play video call games. Organize a bingo night, heads-up, trivia, quick draw or a lip sync battle.


14. Watch a Movie:

If you’re just needing some relaxation time get into a new tv show or movie. You can even watch with your friends and family with the new Netflix party function. 



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