5 of Our Favourite Female-Led Made in Vancouver Brands to Support

Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

From candles to clothes, take a look at our favourite health-conscious, sustainability-minded Vancouver brands founded by some amazing women that you can support today. 

1. Mala the Brand

Mala the Brand

*Breathe in.... breathe out.* Mala creates handcrafted candles with creative scents . The best part - buy a candle, and you're planting a tree. They partnered with Trees for the Future so that with every purchase made, a tree will be planted across the globe.

Founder: ♀️ Melody Lim

2. myMomentum App

myMomentum app

Earn delicious rewards for living well? Sounds like a win-win to me - our friends at myMomentum are working with local food and wellness brands to highlight their amazing products while supporting your healthy habits. Sign up on their website and get a free snack box ($40 value)!

Founder: ♀️ Anna Chan

3. LEZÉ The Label

LEZE the Label

The pandemic has changed the way we do work... and dress for work! We want comfort. Look no further - LEZÉ The Label designs sustainable workwear using by collecting abandoned fishing nets and spent coffee grounds... oh, and they feel like pajamas. 

Co-Founders: ♀️ Karen Lee and ♀️ Tanya Lee

4. Aisle

Aisle Period Care

Founded in 2000, Suzanne and Madeleine have been advocates for menstrual health and equity for decades. This SheEO company created sustainable period products for every body, with a wide variety of offerings depending on your flow and your size.

Co-Founders: ♀️ Suzanne Siemens and ♀️ Madeleine Shaw

5. AVA

AVA smart indoor hydroponic countertop garden with man and woman cutting basil and garnishing

Are you a new pandemic plant parent? Our Byte gardens are the perfect smart and indoor solution that works with your space. Grow edible flowers, herbs, leafy greens, and much more. Founded in 2016, AVA is on a path to get the world growing. Saving water and CO2 emissions from your traditional food supply chain, growing your own food has never been more rewarding.

Co-Founders: ♀️ Valerie Song and ♂️ Chase Ando


Learn more about us, to discover why you should get growing with a smart indoor garden, how it helps save you money in an urban city, and makes your life better. Looking to start an indoor garden or bring up your productivity during WFH trying to find more ways to get sustainable at home and in the kitchen take a read of our blog.



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