Benefits of Smart Gardening For Kids!

Benefits of Smart Gardening For Kids!

The AVA Byte Smart Gardens is a great way to encourage kids to learn about plants, fresh food, and the environment. Teach your kids at an early age about responsibility and patience as they grow their own food. You can water, trim, harvest, and cook with your smart garden plants, sharing this fun experience together. 

Encourages Healthy Eating: Your kids won’t be able to resist trying a veggie they have watched grow themselves. The curiosity will mean even picky eaters will take a bite. Growing with a smart garden will show your kids the importance of plants, food, and nutrition at an early age. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about eating healthy.


Introduces Kids To Scientific Concepts: gardening is all about science and can open a conversation about how plants grow, why plants need sunlight to strive,  sustainability and agriculture. 


Learn a Sense of Responsibility: Your Smart Garden will teach your children the responsibility and patience of taking care of something as they tend to the garden.


Highlights The Importance of The Environment: Kids will understand the amount of time, care and effort goes into growing a garden. They will learn a sense of respect and love for nature. 



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Engage Their Senses:  enrich their senses with sight, smell, taste, and touch.  Getting to touch the plants, assemble the garden, smell the aromas of the herbs, watch the plants grow, and then try the tasty harvest.


Bring the Family Together: a fun activity for the whole family to get involved with. Take time from your busy lives and check up on your gardens together. A great way to connect and spend time on a project that anyone can get involved with.

Learn a New Skill: Smart gardening will open up a door for your kids to develop a new hobby and teach them important life lessons. They will learn the basics of how to grow food, the science behind gardening, and the importance of patience, responsibility and care. 


Are you ready to get growing with the family? Start growing with the world’s smartest indoor garden and have fresh herbs at your fingertips all year round. Get the AVA Byte for $79 today!

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