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Introducing AVA’s newest line-up of liquid nutrients to boost your plant growth! 

Why are we launching this line-up?

What are liquid nutrients?

How do liquid nutrients work?

What are the different bottles for?

Safety: How do I store my nutrient bottles when I’m not using them?

How do I use them with my AVA Byte?

Why are we launching this line-up?

 Your pod packs today are already preloaded with a baseline amount of nutrients that helps your plants grow. 

While each pod has nutrients to support the plant's growth, liquid nutrients supplement the minerals typically acquired in a larger soil system to help boost plant growth speed, yield, and quality!

What are liquid nutrients?

Liquid nutrients are supplemental combinations of micro and macro elements needed by plants for optimized growth and development. They are often added to the water in a hydroponic garden to boost plant growth.

How do liquid nutrients work?

How it works is that the liquid nutrients dissolve in water and are absorbed by the plant's root system. The nutrient requirements vary between plants and their needs at various developmental stages. 

What are the different bottles for?

Each liquid nutrient pack comes free with your pod pack, and typically includes 3 different bottles for 3 different phases:

Root: High in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, this formula is designed to support plants in establishing strong root systems after emerging from their seeds.

Vegetation: High in nitrogen to support vegetative growth by increasing leaf surface area, plant height, thickening of stem structures and, the development of new leaves! 

Flowering: High in phosphorus and potassium, this formula encourages flower development and successive blooms.

A 4th kind is coming soon: 

Fruiting (Coming Soon): To support a plentiful harvest and extended fruiting period the plant needs that extra boost of phosphorus and potassium and magnesium. These nutrients encourage flower maturity and fruit ripening. 

Safety: How do I store my nutrient bottles when I’m not using them?

  • Store the nutrients in a dark and dry environment (not in the direct sunlight) to preserve its shelf life. 
  • If you are using your kitchen teaspoon, ensure to disinfect your teaspoon if you use it for eating again. 
  • Avoid getting it into your eyes.
  • Use gloves or the dropper tool to avoid contact with your skin.

How to add liquid nutrients - lift the tray and add nutrients directly to reservoir

How do I use them with my AVA Byte?


Below, you’ll find a liquid nutrient guide for each pod pack so you know when and how much to add for your specific pod pack. Lift the tray and drop nutrients directly into the water. You do not have to stir much as the pump turns on daily, and will distribute the nutrients evenly. When adding nutrients, avoid pouring the nutrients directly onto plant roots or its high concentration may burn the roots!


Flower Power Salad

Flower Power Salad - Nutrient Chart

Baking with Blossoms

Baking with Blossoms - Nutrient Chart


Blossom Bouquet


Blossom Bouquet - Nutrient Chart

Mixed Salad Greens

Mixed Salad Greens - Nutrient Chart

Winter Greens

Winter Greens - Nutrient Chart


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