New Year, New You ? Get Growing With AVA

New Year, New You ? Get Growing With AVA

New Year, New You ? Get Growing With AVA

JANUARY 2, 2020

As the holiday festivities begin to wind down, it is now that time where we all reflect on our past year and make new resolutions for the future.  It’s time to get real with ourselves. How are we going to be better? What kind of goals are we going to set? This time, we are going to accomplish them…. Right ? 

Setting goals and resolutions can be so daunting.  Post holiday gluttony and the anxiety to set goals and keep them can be overwhelming.  Maybe, it's to eat healthier, exercise more or to get more sleep or to grow your own indoor garden. Goals can often be hard to keep and end up in failed resolutions. 

The key to this year's resolutions is setting small attainable goals instead of a singular large goal.  If you want to eat healthier, try switching your snack foods to fresh veggies. Maybe your aim is to cook yourself dinner 4 times a week with fresh ingredients.  There are micro changes you can make to achieve your larger goal. 

It is all about changing your behaviour over time.  Try not to get overwhelmed. Instead work towards changing one thing at a time. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t reach your small goals every week. Acknowledge your progress or recognize what blocked your way from achieving your goals. Then try again tomorrow.

By having a smart indoor garden in your home you have access to a plethora of ingredients like lettuce, basil, mint, parsley, cilantro,  parsley or dill. You can break off a couple of fresh mint leaves and add them to your mug of hot water for yummy tea, or add them to some ice, white tequila and honey for a tasty mojito! Mint can also be chewed after a meal when you’ve run out of gum. Basil is also a great leaf to just pick to add to your pasta dishes, pizzas, bruschetta  or even to make your own pesto. Home grown leafy green lettuce is amazing for a salad.

There’s literally nothing fresher than plant-to-dish with the AVA Byte. Whatever you’re doing to make your new year the best for you add freshness to your daily meal and get growing!

The AVA Byte is the world’s smartest garden. The AVA Byte technology paired with our flavourful pod pack that uses water to grow.  AVA provides the fastest, healthiest, and most successful growth rate. This urban agricultural experience integrates Ai software with a sleek design making the AVA Byte unique of its kind.

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