Tips To Spruce Up Your Dream Home with House Plants

Tips To Spruce Up Your Dream Home with House Plants

Tips To Spruce Up Your Dream Home with House Plants

APRIL 9, 2020

During this strange time where we all find ourselves spending more time at home than ever before, it can be helpful to maximize your space for productivity and happiness. A great way to add some liveliness to your home is by decorating with plants. Besides being great interior decor, plants have a variety of positive effects on our minds and bodies. It is proven that they purify the air of toxins, reduce dust levels and have therapeutic benefits.

If you find yourself wanting to plant some peace in your home but aren’t sure how to incorporate greenery into your design style, you can check out the mood boards FTD created to help you visualize how to decorate your home with plants! Large indoor plants can truly transform every space regardless of the design aesthetics.


1. If you love the simplicity and your home has a Scandinavian influence, plants like rubber trees can add a pop of color to your otherwise light color palette. Rubber plants can grow up to ten feet indoors and are known to be excellent air purifiers.


2. In a bohemian style home, plants are key. The warm colours and jewel tones that define a bohemian space can be enhanced by adding natural elements such as large cacti. You can also build a jungalow corner with smaller plants like succulents or aloe vera that transforms your room into a true personal oasis.


3. Large industrial lofts need large plants or elevated planters to make a lasting impression. You can mix planter materials like wood, concrete or metal to achieve an interesting look in an otherwise neutral environment or plant a swiss cheese plant that can grow up to eight feet high in front of an exposed brick wall. The green elements will definitely add depth and life to your space.


4. A farmhouse style home can benefit from adding small potted plants to shelves and other surfaces. Great options for this design style are lavender and jasmine. They add just the touch of color (and scent!) that you want between the rustic wood and vintage metal elements. Adding a few larger indoor plants like fiddle leaf figs or olive trees can add to the cozy aesthetic of a farmhouse style home. Both plants enjoy a good amount of sunlight and while they will likely not carry any fruit, they are beautiful to look at and add charm to your space.


5. Home Office: If you find yourself working from home and could use some more greenery in your home office, it’s best to decorate with plants that are easy to maintain and won’t distract you with their neediness. Snake plants don’t require much sunlight or watering and are the perfect companion while you are working from home.

Whatever design style makes your heart happy, there are plants for every gardening level that will fit perfectly in your home and help you miss the outdoors a little less!


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