What Is In the AVA Byte Box?

What Is In the AVA Byte Box?

What Is In the AVA Byte Box ?- Learn the Parts

APRIL 30, 2020

What you get inside the box, learn all of the AVA Byte components and terminology with this guide.

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1. AVA Byte Smart Garden

The AVA Byte Smart Garden base serves as the foundation to your garden, supporting the extendable neck and horticulture LED lights. 

2. Growing Tray

The growing tray comprises two parts; the bottom tray covers the reservoir, while the top tray is placed on top. Their grooves and channels are designed to direct water to each of your pods during watering cycles. (Figure here)

3. Removable Reservoir

The removable reservoir sits on top of the base and houses the pre-installed water pump and water level detection unit. 

4. Power Adapter

Powering on your garden is as easy as plugging in your Byte and connecting the power adapter. You’ll find the power socket near the base of the Byte on the back of the extendable neck. (Figure here)

5. Pod Holders x 5 

The plastic pod holders are designed to slip seamlessly into the pod slots on the growing tray. The miniature handles make it easy to remove your pods once your plants are ready for harvesting. (figure here)


6. Germination Domes x 5

Your kit includes five pod domes. Once you plant your pods, place a dome over each one to trap the humidity and warmth from incoming light. By simulating a greenhouse effect, the domes will speed up the germination process!

Be sure to remove the domes once your seedlings have sprouted, as your little plants will need air and light to thrive.


7. Starter Basil Pod Pack

The Basil Starter Pack was thoughtfully curated to get you started with an aromatic selection of basils. The pod pack contains 5 soil-free, pre-seeded pods. Nutrient-filled and made with plant-based materials, our organic pods contain everything you’ll need to grow red rubin basil x2, genovese basil, elidia basil, and prospera basil.


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