Why Grow with a Smart Garden?

Why Grow with a Smart Garden?

Why Grow with a Smart Garden?

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

A green edible oasis in your backyard - who doesn’t dream of a garden like that? 

Some people are lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of extra living space. If you’re anything like me living in downtown Vancouver, you live in a small condo with a patio that you can barely stand on. Not because you want to, but because you can’t afford otherwise. 

So, you go to your local supermarket to buy the freshest herbs you can. It comes packaged in plastic, and always seems to die before you can use up all of it.

Then, you try the farmer’s market. It’s great for a few months, and then there’s no more supply. Your next door neighbour has been growing food at the local community garden, so you walk over with her to see if you can help out. You’re met with a 30-person waitlist for a plot you can tend to only on Wednesdays. 

It shouldn’t be that difficult to grow your own food indoors! The challenge for many urbanites adopting food gardening today is that gardening is not designed for small, indoor spaces. It takes space, expertise and the right environmental conditions. Perhaps you may have the experience of killing a couple plants of your own - it’s often not even your fault - it could be because your condo isn’t facing the right direction with proper sunlight!

The average size of a Vancouver condo is 840 square feet, while a soil garden is 600 square feet. That’s 70% of the average  apartment’s entire space, not to mention a lot of soil and water. If urbanites want to join the food revolution today, what options do they have to get growing?

Introducing: smart indoor gardens! Enjoy home-grown produce, without all the baggage.

We created AVA Byte to reinvent gardening, for indoor gardeners this time. AVA Byte is sleek: grow what you want in a tenth of the space. AVA Byte is safe: it is the only organic option on the market, with fully biodegradable and food safe pods. AVA Byte is automated and truly smart: the Byte features  machine learning software that helps you grow your own food consistently and gets even better over time. 

Simply plant a pod, add water once every 2 - 4 weeks, and that’s it! You get the organic quality of Whole Foods mixed in with the convenience of a Nespresso machine. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to garden or wants to garden, but lost the space, environment, time, or mobility to do so. 

Does this sound like you? Learn more about AVA Byte smart indoor gardens and how to grow your green thumb at hthttps://avagrows.com/collections/smart-indoor-gardens/products/ava-byte-smart-garden-white.

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