Why You Should Care About Hydroponics!

Why You Should Care About Hydroponics!

Why You Should Care About Hydroponics!

FEBRUARY 4, 2020

You have probably heard, read or watched someone talk about hydroponics in the last couple of years.  Although the concept of hydroponics has been around for a long time, it is only now gaining popularity.  Interestingly, NASA has been doing hydroponics research since the 1960s so as to grow without gravity or soil. But why is there such a buzz about it now?

Hydroponics is the process of growing without soil. Instead, plants can be grown in sand, liquid or gravel with added nutrients, oxygen and water flowing to the plant. Hydroponic systems directly feed the plant in the most efficient, effective and eco-friendly way.  Hydroponics has gained popularity due to the benefits of this type of farming.


Less Water: Hydroponics uses 90% less water, making it a more energy-efficient way to grow. Water is reused in the hydroponics system, by watering the growing medium and then collecting the liquid in a storage compartment to flow through the plants later. Water and nutrients are delivered directly to the plant’s roots, making it a more efficient way to grow faster and healthier plants.

Grow Anywhere: Plants can be grown anywhere, hydroponics allows you to grow plants anytime, anywhere. A basement, a garage, kitchen, or warehouse. Hydroponics takes up a lot less space since plants can be grown close together and vertically.

More Control: With hydroponics, you have control over the nutrients the plant receives. This allows you to adjust the fertilizer balances for each individual crop. 

Less Contamination: Since the plants are not being grown in soil, the plants do not have to fight off disease and pests that are in the natural soil. Pesticides can be completely avoided.

Yield More: It allows for production to be increased from 3 to 10 times the amount of harvest due to perfect growing conditions. Plants are given the best opportunity to reach their full genetic potential. Therefore you get considerably more successful harvests.

Year-Round Harvest: Hydroponic systems are often indoors, meaning you can have year-round crops. In fields, you are often limited to seasonal growth. Greenhouses and warehouses allow for the twelve-month growth of crops.

Grow Faster: Plants can be grown 20% faster in a hydroponic system than they do in soil.

No Mess: You don’t need to worry about creating a big mess because there is no soil! This is great for apartment living growing. 

Some Greens Grow Better: Some types of greens grow better this way, they yield more and are more nutritious.


Farm- to-Table:  Having your own hydroponic device like an AVA Byte Smart Garden you cut out the middle-man. You are growing your own crop; fresh herbs and greens to instantly add to any of your dishes.


There are countless different ways hydroponics can exist, from large scale warehouses, rooftops, greenhouses, or with an AVA Byte Smart Garden right in your own home!

The AVA Byte is the world’s smartest garden. The AVA Byte technology paired with our flavourful pod pack that uses water to grow AVA provides the fastest, healthiest, and most successful growth rate. This urban agricultural experience integrates Ai software with a sleek design making the AVA Byte unique of its kind.

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