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Name That Flavour

Expand your palate! Packed full of complex and surprising flavours, it’s up to you to solve the mystery: is it citrus, mint, bitter, or spicy?
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    100% Germination Guaranteed | Free Shipping | 1 Year Warranty


    🌱 Pre-seeded and nutrient-loaded

    🌱 100% germination guarantee

    🌱 No herbicides, no pesticides

    🌱 Compatible with the Byte

    What's in the Pod Pack?

    🌱 Fennel Leaf
    🌱 Dandelion
    🌱 Shiso
    🌱 Red-Veined Sorrel
    🌱 Arugula

    Ready, Set, Grow!

    • Ready to Grow

      Pre-seeded, soil-free, and full of nutrients. These pods have everything your plants need to thrive.

    • Soilless & Clean

      These pods contain natural properties that promote nutrient and optimal aeration.

    • 100% Germination Guaranteed

      If your pods don't sprout, we'll send you a replacement for free.

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    Hassle-Free Growing

    All of our pod packs are fully compatible with AVA smart gardens. Choose a pod pack that best fits your growing goals.

    Carefully Curated for Every Occasion

    Our pod packs are thoughtfully designed with complimentary herbs and veggies to help you make the finest cocktails, salads, and entrées.

    How Does A Pod Pack Subscription Work?

    You save time and money when you subscribe for bimonthy pod pack refills.

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      1. Choose your pod packs

      Select the type and quantity.

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      2. Subscribe

      You save $30 with an annual subscription.

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      3. We deliver automatically

      We deliver your pods every 2 months.